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Your wedding day is your “Story of Love”. Two people whose lives have become so intertwined that they realize they are destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Love, that is so great that you want to share it with your family and friends on your wedding day. Everything you choose has its own importance to you and your fiancé, from the décor, the centerpieces, the venue, your friends and family. All of that is important, one of the biggest decisions is the entertainer. 80% of the success of a wedding reception success rests on the shoulders of the entertainer. He is your Master of Ceremonies, your coordinator, and organizer. Keeps you on time and above all in combination with the photographer makes those memorable moments happen so they can be captured. Surround Sound understands and that is what separates us, from other entertainers. We care about you and your wedding day, because it is just that, your “Story of Love”.

Surround Sound has done many ceremonies, receptions and dances, that our past clientele have been extremely happy. Before I can give you and honest price quote, I would like to meet with you and have you share your dreams and ideas. Get to know you and your future spouse and build a relationship while we create your day. We can then discuss the ceremony, reception, dance, up-lighting, slideshow/projector, and all the other finer things, that may be included. But I want to get to know you first. Give me a call at 605-254-2636 and let’s set up an appointment where we can sit down and talk about how to make your wedding day, Fun, Memorable, Elegant, Intimate, Rustic, Warm, Family Involved, Stress Free and you have Peace of Mind.


Surround Sound is your best choice.

Meet the DJs


Owner/Operator of Surround Sound,
my music influence came from my parents. I grew up listening to the 50-60’s era of rock and roll and country. Buddy Holly,
Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, and The
Beatles were conversations
at the dinner table.


Rich has been entertaining crowds for over two decades, he started going with Surround Sound and then began doing shows on his own. Over the past several years he has come full circle and we are proud to have him as one of our entertainers.


Michael is the rookie in the
business going on his fourth year
of entertaining, and is making a name
for himself, with over
a dozen solo dances under his belt including wedding

Surround Sound SD

Surround Sound SD